HTV Subscription package MUST purchase thru link in description

Free Shipping!

To subscribe to the monthly package you must go thru this link.  The cost is only $40 billed monthly and you get FREE SHIPPING and special surprise gifts are in each month.  The value of the box will far exceed the $40 you pay each month!  You will be re-directed to another website for payment information.   HTV Monthly package - click here

If you would like to get one month absolutely free, you can pay for our annual subscription and receive 12 months of packages for the price of 11.  Total cost $440 billed annually, and all packages come with FREE SHIPPING and  special surprise gifts are in each month.  The value of the box will far exceed the price of the subscription    HTV ANNUAL Subscription Box - Click Here!

Here is a monthly subscription package of Siser HTV.  Each month you will receive ten 12x15 sheets of Siser HTV in the following colors:

·         New Year's Pack (sent out 11/15)
(2) White, (2) Black, (2) Gold, (2) Silver, (2) Vegas Gold

·         Valentine's Pack (sent out 12/15)
(2) White, (2) Pink, (2)  Bright Red, (2)  Light Pink, (2) Bubble Gum Pink

·         St. Patrick's Pack (sent out 1/15)
(2) Green , (2) Gold, (2) Lemon Yellow, (2)  Sun Yellow, (2) Green Apple

·         Easter Pack (sent out 2/15)
(2) Cream, (2)  Pale Blue, (2)  Lilac, (2)  Light Pink, (2) Mint

·         Tropical Pack (sent out 3/15)
(2) Lemon Yellow, (2) Hibiscus, (2)  Lime, (2)  Grape, (2) Coral

·         Ocean Pack (sent out 4/15)
(2) Gray, (2) Powder Blue, (2)  Jade, (2)  Teal, (2)  Tiffany

·         Independence Pack (sent out 5/15)
(2) Royal, (2)  Navy, (2)  Red, (2) Silver, (2) Bright Red

·         Regal Pack (sent out 6/15)
(2) Sky Blue, (2)  Gray, (2)  Turquoise, (2)  Maroon, (2) Purple

·         Primary Pack (sent out 7/15)
(2) White, (2)  Royal, (2)  Red, (2)  Green, (2) Yellow

·         Halloween Pack (sent out 8/15)
(2) Black, (2)  Green, (2)  Orange, (2) Purple, (2) Charcoal

·         Thanksgiving Pack (sent out 9/15)
(2) Brown, (2)  Dark Maroon, (2)  Texas Orange, (2)  Chocolate, (2) Tan

·         Christmas Pack (sent out 10/15)
(2) White, (2)  Red, (2)  Green, (2)  Dark Green, (2) Cardinal

 Each shipment contains ten (10) sheets of 12"x15" Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl. The 10 sheets are 4 to 7 different colors (typically 5) depending on the pack and are always rolled loose into a 2mil thick plastic bag, labelled and put into a 12"x3"x3" BOX and sent to your home or business.

Our subscription program is currently managed by Moon Clerk and each payment is drafted from your account on the monthly anniversary of the date you sign up. This means if you sign up for monthly payments on the 24th of July, your next payment would take place on approximately August 24th. If you sign up for annual payments, your next payment would take place on approximately July 24th, 2016.

What is the cutoff date to receive a shipment?

Under the current system any payments received from the 15th through the 5th of each month will be towards the next shipment. For example if you join on July 23rd or August 1st, your first shipment would be in August. If you join the club on August 15th through September 5th, your first shipment would be in September.

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to